Personal Training

Why would you want a one-on-one personal training with a professional athlete? Or why wouldn’t you?

Just imagine Serena Williams demonstrating some power workout moves to strengthen your core and get you ready for a tennis season; or how about letting football linebacker for Denver Broncos, Von Miller, take you through your training before sending you off to a game.

For a sports buff, this is a rare event.

Personal-Trainers-In-Your-Pocket is a great tool for personal training

Personal-Trainers-In-Your-Pocket is a great tool for personal training

What is the big deal? Personal trainers come in all shapes and sizes, and while most of them are very good at what they do, both in theory and in practice, when a professional athlete steps in for the training, they exude twice more credibility than their lesser popular peers.

We’ve decided to ask a few sports enthusiasts why they would be interested to go through personal training with professional athletes:

Why Do You Want to Do Personal Training With A Pro-Athlete

Filipino golf coach, Mic Que says that he would trust the voice of someone who has already been there and have done what he’s teaching than listen to “someone who only knows about it in theory”.

Former varsity player and dancer, King Lucero points out that there are certain techniques that you can learn from a professional athlete. They are knowledgeable and are considered experts on the field. He warns that there are many who are claiming to be pros but are not really licensed instructors.

Jomar of San Jose,California had recently taken up Snowboarding and gives us a much clearer picture with his experience. He says that it made a huge difference in his performance when he asked to be trained by a professional Snowboarder.

Jomar started out teaching himself to learn the sport and ended up with injuries.When he decided to finally seek help from a pro, he was able to execute simple turns without hurting himself.

Jomar also says that training under a pro effectively helped him develop the skill and brought him up from beginner to the intermediate level at a much faster pace.

Daniel (Singapore) agrees and says that if it were him, it would be because professional athletes can teach him how to protect himself from injuries.

These are all what Nike may have in mind when they created the new fitness app, Personal Trainers-In-Your-Pocket.

They wanted to provide that experience of being able to receive instructions from the world’s top athletes through a downloadable app. Nike’s slogan is that it could be the next best thing in fitness.

But is it enough?

Here’s an excerpt from Reuters:

Fitness App Can’t Take The Place Of Personal Trainer

He added that apps don’t address specific needs, such as height, weight, sex, or goals that only a personal trainer can, and don’t offer the same level of motivation, or physical adjustments.

Nike Training Club, which is free, is available for Android. The company said it plans to re-release the iPhone app in the next few weeks after performing technical updates.

These apps are great, but since they’re just computers, they can’t always provide what people need.

Take for instance what artistic editor, JB Tapia says he would hope to learn. More or less, he says he’d like to learn how to be as single-minded and driven as the athletes.

Or what Ryan from Madrid, Spain points out among the many qualities of an athlete — the motivation to work and train hard.

No fitness app can provide that. The only way to get them is to go through training with the athletes themselves which may just be a bit challenging to arrange. Given that,  Personal trainers in your pocket apps is a great tool which you can use to maximize your personal training.

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