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Bootcamps And Other Physical Activities Can Boost Brain Functions

People commonly think that including physical activities such as exercise bootcamps and sports to a child’s daily schedule will affect his performance in school in a bad way. They think that he’d be too tired to focus on his school work and will not be able to keep up.

Studies have proven that physical activities have the opposite effect. In fact, when children are involved in any kind of physical activity programs, it develops the cognitive function of their brains and it helps develop their focus.

Bootcamps And Sports Improves Kids' Brain Functions CC by RoundKid Photography (Click to view original image)

Bootcamps And Sports Improves Kids’ Brain Functions
CC by RoundKid Photography (Click to view original image)

One study showed that a class of children asked to run for 15 minutes before class were more attentive and had an improved level of comprehension for the lessons tackled for the day.

There are also studies that showed children who have developmental conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism to have responded well to exercise. During one study, children who have the above conditions made to exercise for at least 45 minutes reduced the percentage of their inattentiveness.

According to Dr. Stephen Putnam, in an article in, when we exercise, new stem cells are formed. These stem cells refresh the brain and the body and stimulate nerve growth factors resulting in higher cognitive function.

Exercise also touches on a child’s social development. Because the child has better level of morale, apart from being in a better mood, they are able to think more clearly in any situation and respond well to it.

Exercise stimulates a child’s nervous system and allows him to function at a higher level.

There is better anger management, less feeling of fatigue and tension.

Kids Will Enjoy Bootcamps

Having children join kid fitness programs will not only help overweight children lose weight, it is good for all children because they have a place to engage in physical activities that they will enjoy.

Enjoyment is the key to maximizing the benefits of exercise, including its cognitive value; this goes for both adults and children. When they’re enjoying what they do, they become more consistent and committed in participating in the activities presented to them through the program.

Bootcamps present this on a much bigger scale.

Dangerously fit Active-After-School bootcamp program, for instance, combines cardiovascular games to fun, fitness drills which differ on a day-to-day basis. It easily motivates the children into getting into the activities and the variety allows them to get excited over it. The more they’re into it, the more relaxed they become. And the more they exercise they get, the more they develop their brain functions and the stronger they become.

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