Squats, Lunges And Plies Are Just Some Of the Exercises That Work The Legs

Exercises To Tone Legs

Women put a lot of extra care on their legs. Leg exercises are considered a very important part of their fitness regimen for a slightly different reason from men.

And why shouldn’t women work those legs? Great legs are sexy beneath the little black dress, attention-grabbing in daisy dukes and amazing in slim fit jeans. What woman wouldn’t want that?

Squats, Lunges And Plies Are Just Some Of the Exercises That Work The Legs

Squats, Lunges And Plies Are Just Some Of the Exercises That Work The Legs

Here’s an article on the Daily Mail on Ashley Tisdale’s fabulous legs:

Exercises For Toning The Legs

1.The Power Plies

Power Plies work out your outer and inner thighs and blasts out that unwanted bulge on the outside of your hips.

To do a Power Plie, stand straight but with legs on shoulder-width apart. Keep your back straight and let your toes point outward. Think ballet. Place both hands on your hips and slowly bring your seat down to knee level and back up. Repeat for about sixteen to twenty times.

To do a variation of the Power Plie, extend both arms up while keeping your seat down low. From side to side, extend with your arms while swinging your hips accordingly. This targets your thighs and waistline, but also targets that area behind the leg, right under the derriere.

For another variation of this exercise, put the heel of your right foot up while still in lowered position; giving the movement a bit of a bounce, doing the heel exercises alternatingly.

2. Thigh Dancing

To do thigh dancing, go down on your knees. Don’t sit on your legs, instead, keep yourself suspended right above it. Push your arms forward, pulling the belly button back and creating a curb on our spine. Then, pull your arms back on your side, pushing the chest forward.

After doing this for twenty to thirty counts, lift both arms up but keep your behind suspended above your knee. Rotate your hips to one side while rotation your arms above you, as well.

3. Split Jumps

With one leg forward, jump and shift legs. Swing your arms to the side every time you land for balance. This is also called the “Spotty Dog” exercise, a variation of the lunge exercise.

After repeating 16 times, you can do stationary pulse lunges, which is the regular lunge workout.

4. Cardiovascular exercises such as walking, dancing and swimming

Thirty minutes of brisk walking daily, higher-intensity dancing or regular swimming is great for slimming and toning the legs. It also improves your flexibility and strengthens your ankles while giving you sexy-looking calves.

5. Cycling Exercises

Cycling exercises are obviously more concentrated on working your lower body than it does your upper body. The continuous movement of the legs is great for toning your thighs and slimming your calves.

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Aging Is A Good Reason To Exercise
CC by alpha7allan, flickr.com/photos/allpha7allan/

Seniors Should Exercise

Exercise Benefits Older People Too

One of the biggest misconceptions about exercise and working out is that it’s not for seniors; that only people in their teens up to about the age of fifty can work out. Another wrong concept about exercise and old people is that because of old age, if they do exercise at all, they can only do silly, little movements.

The truth of the matter is that there really is a certain difference in dynamic when you are older, especially if you have not been physically active in your younger years. However, people who have been in the habit of working out for years can continue with their fitness plans without too many limitations.

Aging Is A Good Reason To Exercise CC by alpha7allan, flickr.com/photos/allpha7allan/

Aging Is A Good Reason To Exercise
CC by alpha7allan, flickr.com/photos/allpha7allan/

Bottom line is that exercise is for everyone. It benefits everyone. And the only thing that should keep you from working out is if you doctor advises you not to do it, which rarely happens since exercise is practically almost always included in treatments for any kind of condition.

Aging Is A Perfect Reason To Keep Exercising

If you’re aging and you’re feeling some stiffness or joint pains, it’s probably because your body lacks the exercise that it needs. Exercise helps build flexibility, even for older people. It keeps you strong and helps in sharpening your memory brain cells.

Exercise improves your ability and stamina. Exercise can push back against symptoms of aging and lets you maintain a life of independence because you’re most likely not going to need any help or physical support. Exercise can improve your strength, balance and agility.

Exercise In Moderation

The warning to take exercise in moderation is not exclusive to older people. It goes for everyone. Some people have the tendency to overdo their workouts in their compulsiveness to attain their goals after goals in fitness.

Anyone should take careful consideration of the progression and intensity of his workout. Consult a personal trainer and ask him to check if you’re performing the exercises correctly. Injury can happen to anyone who does not use proper caution when going about their fitness plans.

Here’s an article on Belfast Telegraph:

Strength Exercises For Seniors

Some people in their senior can put younger people to shame with their fitness and fitness level and capabilities. Some of them can take on workouts and exercises heavier than their younger peers. Some of them can really keep up with high intensity cardio exercises, resistance training and strength training workouts better than others.

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