Bootcamps provide great venue and atmosphere to learn about responsibility
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Lessons A Teenager Should Get From A Boot Camp

Not everyone agrees to the idea of sending juvenile offenders to a boot camp. Many people think that it will only be a form of simulation in which the things that these troubled teens will learn cannot be applied in real life.

People on the other side of the fence believe that teaching these young adults discipline and teamwork is the best way to get them back on track. They’ve planned for kids to stay within the confines of the bootcamp during its duration, have them take up responsibilities such as making their own beds and doing community services.

Bootcamps provide great venue and atmosphere to learn about responsibility Orig Image by Tobyotter,

Bootcamps provide great venue and atmosphere to learn about responsibility
Orig Image by Tobyotter,

Here’s an article on ABC News:

Bootcamp for Teens In Queensland

Premier Campbell Newman says there will be a tender process to establish youth boot camps in Rockhampton in central Queensland.

The camps will target juvenile offenders and offer an alternative to serving time in a detention centre.

Mr Newman made the announcement at Rockhampton’s Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) yesterday after taking a tour through karate classes and dance lessons.

Law-mandated bootcamps are not the only juvenile bootcamps available. In fact there are private bootcamps here and there. The common purpose of these programs is to realign rebellious teenagers. They don’t necessarily have to be sentenced by the juvenile system but their parents feel the need to put them there to teach them life’s valuable lessons.

What are the things that teens need to learn from a bootcamp anyway? Here are some of the things that may be helpful in considering the bootcamp you may want to sign your teens up for.

Bootcamp Lessons For Teens

1. Accountability

They will not only learn that they need to be accountable “to” someone, they will also learn to be accountable for someone. Teenagers who get into trouble are into the “I”, “Me”, and “Mine” mentality that they need to break out of.

In bootcamps, they will learn to work with others. Their responses, performances and everything they do within the camp will affect the others and they will see that especially when they need to do things as a team.

2. Responsibility

The will learn that not all things in life are without hard work and commitment.

3. Friendship

One thing that teenagers need to learn is that healthy, upbuilding relationships are possible. Friendships are perhaps, the most influential factor that teenagers have in their lives.

Most troubled teens have difficulty in socializing and learning how relate to others. Friendly, sports-based or exercise-based bootcamps provide great avenues and atmosphere in teaching them about building and valuing good relationships.

4. Team Work

The thing about team work is that they are taught the real meaning of “no man is an island”. That they can be productive, useful and purposeful to others. It builds their self-esteem and confidence.

5. Fitness and Health

There’s no better way of teaching youngsters that their health and their body are important other than through a fitness bootcamp.

In a fitness boot camp, teenagers should be taught about healthy habits and healthy eating. They learn to value physical activities and exercise. They learn that many of their decisions can affect their health and in turn, affect others, as well.

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Boot Camp Style Workouts

Jumpstart Your Fitness by Doing Your Own Boot Camp Style Workouts

Get Into Shape With Boot Camp Style Workouts

Boot camps are all the craze nowadays. Their style of working out is popular as it offers challenge and variety as well to trainees in a format that needs commitment. Some of the programs are competitive in any way which encourages competition among the trainees and/or competition among groups. There are programs structured entirely on bodyweight exercises while some use obstacle course training or employ natural environments to work the trainees.

Boot Camp Style Workouts

Boot Camp Style Workouts

Boot camp style workouts are an effective way for you to burn calories in a short time. It fits in your busy schedule and can be conducted anywhere with hardly any equipment. Moreover, they avoid boredom since each exercise and every workout is unique and different. It combines some calisthenics exercises, and they offer an easy way to mix strength training with cardio training.

The exercises can be executed in a pair or group; that is why lots of boot camps incorporate them in their offer. They shape muscles perfectly, and in time help you in losing weight. Don’t forget that it is not a quick fix, which means that it is much better and healthier than any sort of instant solution.

Here’s an article where a certain group of people conducts their own fitness boot camp outdoors.

Make sure you modify your workout routines and not just work those muscle groups on successive days. This exercise was not intended to be easy, it meant to be challenging, for you to do the best you can. So, make sure you warm up and stretch out before starting. Try to make your exercise continuous and exert utmost effort. Good luck, have fun and enjoy!

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