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Weight Loss Starts With A Conviction That You Need To Get Healthy And Is Fueled By Determination To Whatever It takes To Achieve It.

Enjoying The Weight Loss Process

Weight Loss Is A Process You Need To Commit To

Let’s face it, maintaining a tedious workout plan is hard; people give up on it all the time. But for those who don’t, the rewards are tremendously satisfying. The noticeable difference between people who quit early on and those who are still at it is the change of perspective that happens during the process. Obviously, those who have weight loss success and have toned up are happier with their figure.

Weight Loss Starts With A Conviction That You Need To Get Healthy And Is Fueled By Determination To Whatever It takes To Achieve It.

Weight Loss Starts With A Conviction That You Need To Get Healthy And Is Fueled By Determination To Whatever It takes To Achieve It.

Weight Loss Starts With A Conviction That You Need To Get Healthy And Is Fueled By Determination To Whatever It takes To Achieve It.

People get into fitness programs for many different reasons. Some sign up because of their awareness of the health risks that accompany being overweight or being obese; while some people get into it because they want to have more liberty in choosing clothes to wear. When you’ve got flabs going on here and there, there are a lot of really fashionable clothes that won’t look good on you.

Have you ever heard of the adage, “no pain, no gain?” `Ain’t that the truth when it comes to weight loss. You’ve got to endure the “pain” so that you can enjoy the gain.

Weight loss should not really be a painful process (unless you’re going under the knife for it) but it does entail hard work that includes some very difficult lifestyle choices such as cutting down on junk food and lessening the alcohol intake. And it’s not something that will happen at the snap of your fingers, either. You’ve got to do your part in the process.

The good news is, once you’ve experienced the “gain”, the choices won’t be so difficult anymore especially when you have already adapted to the discipline.

Here’s a really good article on The Epoch Times on weight loss:

Sticking To A Weight Loss Plan

Read the tips here.

It all starts with a conviction that you indeed need to get healthy and is fueled by determination to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Weight loss is a process, you need to want it bad enough to work for it because it is work and because, there will be times when it will be tough.

You will be investing your time and expending a lot of effort and energy into it. Here’s the thing: Your weight loss will all be worth it because the time you invested will return to you. On another blog article, we’ve discussed the seven minutes you add to your life for every one minute you spend on exercise; and energy? You’ll gain more of that, too. It’ll be evident at the workplace and in your time with your spouse and kids.

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Group Fitness is Beneficial and Result-Oriented

Group Fitness – A Hot New Fitness Trend That Really Works!

Group Fitness Helps You Shape Up and Stay Motivated

Group fitness became popular nowadays and is an excellent option for having a good workout. A lot of fitness centers have various classes which are offered with the membership. Everyone can take advantage of group fitness programs since there is a class to meet every level of fitness and interest. Moreover, besides shaping up, one can share the experience with other participants, make new friends, and as well stay motivated.

It can be extremely helpful when looking to burn fat and achieve lean muscle. Each person in the group enjoys this kind of training, and the group in general gets benefits, as well. Classes could be perfect for individuals in search of something different, people who need some more motivation, and those that need a little more attention and so are starting out with exercising. Through group fitness, you instantly have a built-in support system from others that are training. You can encourage and motivate each other during the training exercises.

Group Fitness is Beneficial and Result-Oriented

Group Fitness is Beneficial and Result-Oriented

Group fitness can boost self-esteem as you are going to have support from other participants, and considering that you are able to do a workout as well as reach your fitness goals in the end. It helps to drive individuals to carry on and do more; therefore, boosting your self-esteem once you find that you could do what you actually believed you couldn’t.

Furthermore, working out with a group provides a way for improvement to be measured and monitored; due to the fact that the group is usually given a personal trainer (s); that would often design progress monitoring programs for each participants; this is achievable if the group isn’t a large one. Also, the group members can help you stay abreast of your progress rate; as they will often give one comment or another of how a participant is doing.

Check this account from Rupa Mehta of Huffington Post on what you need to know about group fitness.

Group fitness is an exciting and fun way to exercise. It could be a beneficial method to utilize if you want to lose weight and achieve lean muscle. Moreover, the considerable array of classes’ would mean that there is something for each and every type of exerciser. Besides the health benefits, you will also receive emotional benefits, as well.  It could be more encouraging and enjoyable to exercise and work out with other people than by yourself; also it can be considered an effective motivator. Having said that, always keep in mind that if you are new to exercise, talk to your doctor before starting a fitness program.

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Squats, Lunges And Plies Are Just Some Of the Exercises That Work The Legs

Exercises To Tone Legs

Women put a lot of extra care on their legs. Leg exercises are considered a very important part of their fitness regimen for a slightly different reason from men.

And why shouldn’t women work those legs? Great legs are sexy beneath the little black dress, attention-grabbing in daisy dukes and amazing in slim fit jeans. What woman wouldn’t want that?

Squats, Lunges And Plies Are Just Some Of the Exercises That Work The Legs

Squats, Lunges And Plies Are Just Some Of the Exercises That Work The Legs

Here’s an article on the Daily Mail on Ashley Tisdale’s fabulous legs:

Exercises For Toning The Legs

1.The Power Plies

Power Plies work out your outer and inner thighs and blasts out that unwanted bulge on the outside of your hips.

To do a Power Plie, stand straight but with legs on shoulder-width apart. Keep your back straight and let your toes point outward. Think ballet. Place both hands on your hips and slowly bring your seat down to knee level and back up. Repeat for about sixteen to twenty times.

To do a variation of the Power Plie, extend both arms up while keeping your seat down low. From side to side, extend with your arms while swinging your hips accordingly. This targets your thighs and waistline, but also targets that area behind the leg, right under the derriere.

For another variation of this exercise, put the heel of your right foot up while still in lowered position; giving the movement a bit of a bounce, doing the heel exercises alternatingly.

2. Thigh Dancing

To do thigh dancing, go down on your knees. Don’t sit on your legs, instead, keep yourself suspended right above it. Push your arms forward, pulling the belly button back and creating a curb on our spine. Then, pull your arms back on your side, pushing the chest forward.

After doing this for twenty to thirty counts, lift both arms up but keep your behind suspended above your knee. Rotate your hips to one side while rotation your arms above you, as well.

3. Split Jumps

With one leg forward, jump and shift legs. Swing your arms to the side every time you land for balance. This is also called the “Spotty Dog” exercise, a variation of the lunge exercise.

After repeating 16 times, you can do stationary pulse lunges, which is the regular lunge workout.

4. Cardiovascular exercises such as walking, dancing and swimming

Thirty minutes of brisk walking daily, higher-intensity dancing or regular swimming is great for slimming and toning the legs. It also improves your flexibility and strengthens your ankles while giving you sexy-looking calves.

5. Cycling Exercises

Cycling exercises are obviously more concentrated on working your lower body than it does your upper body. The continuous movement of the legs is great for toning your thighs and slimming your calves.

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Sports And Bootcamps May Help Kids Focus In School Work More

Sports And Bootcamps May Help Kids Focus In School Work More

Bootcamps And Other Physical Activities Can Boost Brain Functions

People commonly think that including physical activities such as exercise bootcamps and sports to a child’s daily schedule will affect his performance in school in a bad way. They think that he’d be too tired to focus on his school work and will not be able to keep up.

Studies have proven that physical activities have the opposite effect. In fact, when children are involved in any kind of physical activity programs, it develops the cognitive function of their brains and it helps develop their focus.

Bootcamps And Sports Improves Kids' Brain Functions CC by RoundKid Photography (Click to view original image)

Bootcamps And Sports Improves Kids’ Brain Functions
CC by RoundKid Photography (Click to view original image)

One study showed that a class of children asked to run for 15 minutes before class were more attentive and had an improved level of comprehension for the lessons tackled for the day.

There are also studies that showed children who have developmental conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism to have responded well to exercise. During one study, children who have the above conditions made to exercise for at least 45 minutes reduced the percentage of their inattentiveness.

According to Dr. Stephen Putnam, in an article in webmd.com, when we exercise, new stem cells are formed. These stem cells refresh the brain and the body and stimulate nerve growth factors resulting in higher cognitive function.

Exercise also touches on a child’s social development. Because the child has better level of morale, apart from being in a better mood, they are able to think more clearly in any situation and respond well to it.

Exercise stimulates a child’s nervous system and allows him to function at a higher level.

There is better anger management, less feeling of fatigue and tension.

Kids Will Enjoy Bootcamps

Having children join kid fitness programs will not only help overweight children lose weight, it is good for all children because they have a place to engage in physical activities that they will enjoy.

Enjoyment is the key to maximizing the benefits of exercise, including its cognitive value; this goes for both adults and children. When they’re enjoying what they do, they become more consistent and committed in participating in the activities presented to them through the program.

Bootcamps present this on a much bigger scale.

Dangerously fit Active-After-School bootcamp program, for instance, combines cardiovascular games to fun, fitness drills which differ on a day-to-day basis. It easily motivates the children into getting into the activities and the variety allows them to get excited over it. The more they’re into it, the more relaxed they become. And the more they exercise they get, the more they develop their brain functions and the stronger they become.

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Aging Is A Good Reason To Exercise
CC by alpha7allan, flickr.com/photos/allpha7allan/

Seniors Should Exercise

Exercise Benefits Older People Too

One of the biggest misconceptions about exercise and working out is that it’s not for seniors; that only people in their teens up to about the age of fifty can work out. Another wrong concept about exercise and old people is that because of old age, if they do exercise at all, they can only do silly, little movements.

The truth of the matter is that there really is a certain difference in dynamic when you are older, especially if you have not been physically active in your younger years. However, people who have been in the habit of working out for years can continue with their fitness plans without too many limitations.

Aging Is A Good Reason To Exercise CC by alpha7allan, flickr.com/photos/allpha7allan/

Aging Is A Good Reason To Exercise
CC by alpha7allan, flickr.com/photos/allpha7allan/

Bottom line is that exercise is for everyone. It benefits everyone. And the only thing that should keep you from working out is if you doctor advises you not to do it, which rarely happens since exercise is practically almost always included in treatments for any kind of condition.

Aging Is A Perfect Reason To Keep Exercising

If you’re aging and you’re feeling some stiffness or joint pains, it’s probably because your body lacks the exercise that it needs. Exercise helps build flexibility, even for older people. It keeps you strong and helps in sharpening your memory brain cells.

Exercise improves your ability and stamina. Exercise can push back against symptoms of aging and lets you maintain a life of independence because you’re most likely not going to need any help or physical support. Exercise can improve your strength, balance and agility.

Exercise In Moderation

The warning to take exercise in moderation is not exclusive to older people. It goes for everyone. Some people have the tendency to overdo their workouts in their compulsiveness to attain their goals after goals in fitness.

Anyone should take careful consideration of the progression and intensity of his workout. Consult a personal trainer and ask him to check if you’re performing the exercises correctly. Injury can happen to anyone who does not use proper caution when going about their fitness plans.

Here’s an article on Belfast Telegraph:

Strength Exercises For Seniors

Some people in their senior can put younger people to shame with their fitness and fitness level and capabilities. Some of them can take on workouts and exercises heavier than their younger peers. Some of them can really keep up with high intensity cardio exercises, resistance training and strength training workouts better than others.

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Personal-Trainers-In-Your-Pocket is a great tool for personal training

Working Out With A Pro App

Why would you want a one-on-one personal training with a professional athlete? Or why wouldn’t you?

Just imagine Serena Williams demonstrating some power workout moves to strengthen your core and get you ready for a tennis season; or how about letting football linebacker for Denver Broncos, Von Miller, take you through your training before sending you off to a game.

For a sports buff, this is a rare event.

Personal-Trainers-In-Your-Pocket is a great tool for personal training

Personal-Trainers-In-Your-Pocket is a great tool for personal training

What is the big deal? Personal trainers come in all shapes and sizes, and while most of them are very good at what they do, both in theory and in practice, when a professional athlete steps in for the training, they exude twice more credibility than their lesser popular peers.

We’ve decided to ask a few sports enthusiasts why they would be interested to go through personal training with professional athletes:

Why Do You Want to Do Personal Training With A Pro-Athlete

Filipino golf coach, Mic Que says that he would trust the voice of someone who has already been there and have done what he’s teaching than listen to “someone who only knows about it in theory”.

Former varsity player and dancer, King Lucero points out that there are certain techniques that you can learn from a professional athlete. They are knowledgeable and are considered experts on the field. He warns that there are many who are claiming to be pros but are not really licensed instructors.

Jomar of San Jose,California had recently taken up Snowboarding and gives us a much clearer picture with his experience. He says that it made a huge difference in his performance when he asked to be trained by a professional Snowboarder.

Jomar started out teaching himself to learn the sport and ended up with injuries.When he decided to finally seek help from a pro, he was able to execute simple turns without hurting himself.

Jomar also says that training under a pro effectively helped him develop the skill and brought him up from beginner to the intermediate level at a much faster pace.

Daniel (Singapore) agrees and says that if it were him, it would be because professional athletes can teach him how to protect himself from injuries.

These are all what Nike may have in mind when they created the new fitness app, Personal Trainers-In-Your-Pocket.

They wanted to provide that experience of being able to receive instructions from the world’s top athletes through a downloadable app. Nike’s slogan is that it could be the next best thing in fitness.

But is it enough?

Here’s an excerpt from Reuters:

Fitness App Can’t Take The Place Of Personal Trainer

He added that apps don’t address specific needs, such as height, weight, sex, or goals that only a personal trainer can, and don’t offer the same level of motivation, or physical adjustments.

Nike Training Club, which is free, is available for Android. The company said it plans to re-release the iPhone app in the next few weeks after performing technical updates.

These apps are great, but since they’re just computers, they can’t always provide what people need.

Take for instance what artistic editor, JB Tapia says he would hope to learn. More or less, he says he’d like to learn how to be as single-minded and driven as the athletes.

Or what Ryan from Madrid, Spain points out among the many qualities of an athlete — the motivation to work and train hard.

No fitness app can provide that. The only way to get them is to go through training with the athletes themselves which may just be a bit challenging to arrange. Given that,  Personal trainers in your pocket apps is a great tool which you can use to maximize your personal training.

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Putting your Fitness to a Test

Fitness Evaluation: How Fit are You?

Before you start any workout program, think about having a fitness evaluation. In the event that you’ve got health issues, consult your doctor first. The purpose of the fitness evaluation is to find out and be aware of your physical weaknesses and strengths. This awareness can help determine what you must improve, what parts of the body require more attention, or otherwise just as much. A fitness evaluation helps a personal trainer to know the individual’s strengths and limitations. It consists of health or medical history; an assessment of stamina, core stability, strength, flexibility and body structure; blood pressure check, weight-loss goals, and posture examination.

Always remember that this evaluation is often a kick off point where you can simply improve, progress, and grow stronger. This is not intended to be discouraging or frustrating. For those who do not do and it’s likely you have anticipated, don’t fret, you are not alone. There are lots of people whose primary fitness evaluations are not that impressive but often, it is reality and honesty that actually works as the best motivator in order to make a change.

You are not expected to be in your great shape immediately. That is why you’re setting up this new exercise regimen. Make use of the fitness evaluation and let it motivate you to achieve success.

Putting your Fitness to a Test

Putting your Fitness to a Test

Fitness evaluations are often done at a fitness center or health club, which are usually quite fairly minor tests. The evaluators most likely are not mostly properly trained. Most often, if an individual has never worked out a lot before, a good option to evaluate fitness is with one’s physician or health practitioner before starting a workout program. Among the tests done might be similar, but will enjoy the additional attraction of interpretation through a specialist or an expert.

A doctor could also help an individual create a customized fitness plan according to blood pressure readings as well as on any kind of heart abnormalities. A physician also helps deal with this kind of conditions medically as required. This is most beneficial as it can be detrimental to continue with the workout program if a person has blood pressure or heart failure issues. Any injuries can be assessed in order to find out the safest option to be fit as well as to sustain physical fitness.

Arrange your fitness evaluation once you sign up for any health clubs or fitness centers. You will obtain your individual results in just days of your evaluation. Additionally, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor before you start your membership. For those who have pulmonary, cardiovascular, metabolic (diabetes), respiratory, or musculoskeletal ailments are recommended to present a doctor approval prior to starting any work out.

Fitness Parties: Better Than Traditional, Booze-Filled Bachelorette Or Birthday Celebrations?

Fitness Party – A Fun and Healthy Trend

Fitness Parties Replace Boozy Occasions

Bored with the same old birthday parties, get-together and dinner parties? Well, in that case, celebrate birthdays, special day or whatever big event with this latest trend that will make you feel a lot better on getting a year older – ‘fitness parties’ grow in popularity these days. Fitness parties are not just good fun, but a healthy one, as well. With numerous style choices offered, a certified personal trainer can come and gives health information, a good workout, or any other exercise related strategies at your next social event.

Sounds fun, right? It is certainly not your day-to-day style of celebrating, and in case you as well as your friends absolutely love exercising in groups and have always aspired to try out some kind of class, it is a perfect way to do something unusually educational.

Fitness parties could make significant effects in giving essential health, physical fitness, and also wellness ideas and achieve this if you take advantage of the individual’s need and satisfaction from mingling with friends.

Fitness Parties: Better Than Traditional, Booze-Filled Bachelorette Or Birthday Celebrations?

Fitness Parties: Better Than Traditional, Booze-Filled Bachelorette Or Birthday Celebrations?

Benefits of Fitness Party

  •  Human satisfaction and happiness is influenced absolutely by socializing with friends and family.
  •  An enjoyable social setting promotes involvement and a chance to acquire latest, accurate and pertinent healthy advice and information.
  •   The cost of having a personal trainer for fitness party is a perk for everyone. Some see the advantage in sharing the cost between a group, at the same time getting the same direction and information when on your own.
  •   You manage the scheduling as well as the place of your fitness party.
  •   It gives a great variety into your usual social gatherings.
  •   A support group is automatically created within your friends who take part in the said event. Long-term physical fitness routine is able to maintain if backed up by a group.
  •   Lots of party choices are available for you to interact socially with your friends. If you want to try something new, then the fitness party program might be perfect for you.

Check this article from Huffington Post

Those feelings of enjoyment and happiness increases when you are with friends and you’ll have a celebration that will not merely easy to forget, but one that you would like to recall and run once again. Think about joining this latest healthy trend and instead of organizing an event which is concentrated on specific merchandise, foods, or perhaps alcoholic beverages, turn it onto a healthy event.

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Bootcamps provide great venue and atmosphere to learn about responsibility
Orig Image by Tobyotter, flickr.com/photos/78428166@N00/

Lessons A Teenager Should Get From A Boot Camp

Not everyone agrees to the idea of sending juvenile offenders to a boot camp. Many people think that it will only be a form of simulation in which the things that these troubled teens will learn cannot be applied in real life.

People on the other side of the fence believe that teaching these young adults discipline and teamwork is the best way to get them back on track. They’ve planned for kids to stay within the confines of the bootcamp during its duration, have them take up responsibilities such as making their own beds and doing community services.

Bootcamps provide great venue and atmosphere to learn about responsibility Orig Image by Tobyotter, flickr.com/photos/78428166@N00/

Bootcamps provide great venue and atmosphere to learn about responsibility
Orig Image by Tobyotter, flickr.com/photos/78428166@N00/

Here’s an article on ABC News:

Bootcamp for Teens In Queensland

Premier Campbell Newman says there will be a tender process to establish youth boot camps in Rockhampton in central Queensland.

The camps will target juvenile offenders and offer an alternative to serving time in a detention centre.

Mr Newman made the announcement at Rockhampton’s Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) yesterday after taking a tour through karate classes and dance lessons.

Law-mandated bootcamps are not the only juvenile bootcamps available. In fact there are private bootcamps here and there. The common purpose of these programs is to realign rebellious teenagers. They don’t necessarily have to be sentenced by the juvenile system but their parents feel the need to put them there to teach them life’s valuable lessons.

What are the things that teens need to learn from a bootcamp anyway? Here are some of the things that may be helpful in considering the bootcamp you may want to sign your teens up for.

Bootcamp Lessons For Teens

1. Accountability

They will not only learn that they need to be accountable “to” someone, they will also learn to be accountable for someone. Teenagers who get into trouble are into the “I”, “Me”, and “Mine” mentality that they need to break out of.

In bootcamps, they will learn to work with others. Their responses, performances and everything they do within the camp will affect the others and they will see that especially when they need to do things as a team.

2. Responsibility

The will learn that not all things in life are without hard work and commitment.

3. Friendship

One thing that teenagers need to learn is that healthy, upbuilding relationships are possible. Friendships are perhaps, the most influential factor that teenagers have in their lives.

Most troubled teens have difficulty in socializing and learning how relate to others. Friendly, sports-based or exercise-based bootcamps provide great avenues and atmosphere in teaching them about building and valuing good relationships.

4. Team Work

The thing about team work is that they are taught the real meaning of “no man is an island”. That they can be productive, useful and purposeful to others. It builds their self-esteem and confidence.

5. Fitness and Health

There’s no better way of teaching youngsters that their health and their body are important other than through a fitness bootcamp.

In a fitness boot camp, teenagers should be taught about healthy habits and healthy eating. They learn to value physical activities and exercise. They learn that many of their decisions can affect their health and in turn, affect others, as well.

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Boot Camp Style Workouts

Jumpstart Your Fitness by Doing Your Own Boot Camp Style Workouts

Get Into Shape With Boot Camp Style Workouts

Boot camps are all the craze nowadays. Their style of working out is popular as it offers challenge and variety as well to trainees in a format that needs commitment. Some of the programs are competitive in any way which encourages competition among the trainees and/or competition among groups. There are programs structured entirely on bodyweight exercises while some use obstacle course training or employ natural environments to work the trainees.

Boot Camp Style Workouts

Boot Camp Style Workouts

Boot camp style workouts are an effective way for you to burn calories in a short time. It fits in your busy schedule and can be conducted anywhere with hardly any equipment. Moreover, they avoid boredom since each exercise and every workout is unique and different. It combines some calisthenics exercises, and they offer an easy way to mix strength training with cardio training.

The exercises can be executed in a pair or group; that is why lots of boot camps incorporate them in their offer. They shape muscles perfectly, and in time help you in losing weight. Don’t forget that it is not a quick fix, which means that it is much better and healthier than any sort of instant solution.

Here’s an article where a certain group of people conducts their own fitness boot camp outdoors.

Make sure you modify your workout routines and not just work those muscle groups on successive days. This exercise was not intended to be easy, it meant to be challenging, for you to do the best you can. So, make sure you warm up and stretch out before starting. Try to make your exercise continuous and exert utmost effort. Good luck, have fun and enjoy!

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